All Black, Black with Tan, or Black with Sable German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dogs are usually found to have all black coats, black with tan, or black with sable. However, a German Shepherd Dog can also be coloured black with blue, liver or white markings. But these colours are not considered a pedigree by most breeder standards.

Origin of the German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dogs are also known as Alsatian’s or simply, German Shepherd’s. The breed originally originates from Germany (the clue was in the name); when during the 1800’s shepherd’s bred dogs for working purposes in order to herd their sheep. They wanted traits such as speed, strength, good smell and intelligence. Although all the dogs were bred for the same reason, to herd sheep, they all differed in both ability and appearance.

In 1899, an ex-cavalry captain, Max von Stephanitz attended a dog show, where he came across a dog named Hektor Linksrhein, which was in his eyes was exactly what a working dog should be. The dog was strong, intelligent and loyal. He purchased the dog and renamed it to Horand Von Grafrath, and created the ‘Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde’, which translates to ‘Society for the German Shepherd Dog’. Horand was officially the first ever German Shepherd Dog.

Sizes of Typical Male and Female German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dogs are tough, muscular dogs, with slightly elongated bodies. There is not much difference in terms of height between male and female German Shepherd dogs. Males typically are around 60-65cm (24-26 inches) tall, whilst females are between 55-60cm (22-24 inches) tall. Both sexes weigh approximately 35-40kg (77-85 pounds).

German Shepherd Dog Temperament

German Shepherd Dogs were originally bred to work, as they are so intelligent and strong. It comes as no surprise that they are used in some of the most dangerous professions, including: guard dog, police dog, search and rescue, and in the armed forces. The breed is also used as sight dogs for blind people.

German Shepherd Dogs have numerous characteristics which enable them to perform such challenging roles, including: brave, calm, clever, confident, eager to learn, faithful, happy, and obedient. Since the dog is so intelligent, they need an owner who will have time for them. Given the right training and socialisation, the German Shepherd Dog will make a great companion as well as family pet.

German Shepherd dogs can be known for random aggressive attacks, but these problems only arise when the dog has not be trained properly and been allowed to become pack leader. If the dog is not given enough mental and physical exercise it can become restless and aggressive to other dogs and humans.
German ShepherdDog Coats

German Shepherd dogs have three varieties, in terms of coat. There is the rough-coat, long rough-coat, and the long-haired coat. The coat usually comes in all black, black with tan, or black with sable. However, more and more German Shepherd Dogs are also found in black with blue, liver or white.
German Shepherd dogs shed hair constantly, and they also have a seasonally shed, which can be very heavy. The dog should be brushed daily, to combat the amount of hair loss.

Exercise Your German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd dogs are very active, so they will need a long brisk walk, jog or run every day. They also require mental stimulation as they are a very intelligent breed. Throwing a ball or frisbee or hiding their favourite toy for them to sniff out should tire them out and also keep them mentally stimulated. If German Shepherd Dogs are not given enough exercise or mental challenges, they can become agitated and destructive.

What Health Problems can German Shepherd Dogs Suffer From

Due to in-breeding; German Shepherd Dogs have become prone to many hereditary diseases, including: blood conditions, digestive problems, dwarfism, eczema, epilepsy, flea allergies, hip and elbow dysplasia, keratitis, and swellings.

The Life expectancy of a German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd dogs usually live an average of 13 years.

The cost of a German Shepherd Dog:

German Shepherd puppies generally cost over £500.

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd dogs on average have a litter of nine puppies. Puppies can be brought home at around eight weeks. As soon as you get your puppy home you should start to introduce a training regime in order to teach your dog what his place is in the household, ensuring that he/she turns into a loyal family pet.

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